Erich Wickman and Wickman Chemical hosted a charity clay pigeon shoot to benefit the Atlantic Police Reserves Youth Activities Fund this July. The event raised over $4,600.00 for the fund that helps Atlantic police give back to the youth in the community. Following are the results from this year and last year.


2019 results



1st – Randy Henningsen

2nd – Chuck Kinzie

3rd – Zane Lilly


1st – CAM Clay Crushers

2nd – Henningsen Locker

3rd – Oh Good Heavens




The following results are the 2018 results



1st – Marty Boose

2nd – Konnor Wendt

3rd – Christian Kinzie


1st – Lazy H Shooters

2nd – CAM Shooting D

3rd – Bird Hunters United

By Knudsen Jul 16, 2019