To Our Valued Customers,

Covid-19 has arrived on our doorstep……..

We all need to protect our families, fellow citizens, businesses and nation from this virus.  Social distancing is not just a good idea, it is a reality.  As a result, Wickman Chemical and our customers will need to temporarily change the way we do business.

  • Use the technology you have available now…..

Most of us have mobile phones and many have computers with email and texting capabilities, so we can do business over the phone or electronically.  Let’s do as much as possible electronically rather than in person so we can limit exposure.

  • Plan ahead……

Knowing your crops and your acres will help us help you shape your buying decision on the phone.  Once we have a plan, we can put your order together, arrange for payment and schedule an appointment for pickup.  Paperwork can be exchanged by mail, e-mail or fax.  Our last choice is to hand you a potentially contaminated invoice; if you want a paper invoice, we will give you one.

  • No panic buying or hoarding!

Due to freight restrictions and reduced Chinese production, there may be spot shortages of farm chemicals.  Panic buying or hoarding will only serve to make things worse.  Buy only what you need, be flexible and consider the plight of other farmers.

There is no reason to panic; simply make informed, reasonable decisions.

Thank you in advance for putting your self-interests aside and making the health and welfare of our great nation your top priority.

God Bless America.


By Knudsen Mar 16, 2020