Dear Valued Customers,

Due to the ongoing farm chemical shortage, Wickman Chemical is instituting the following sales policies to prevent hoarding, ghost sales and customer confusion:

  1. Wickman Chemical will not price or sell any farm chemicals unless those chemicals are in our physical possession


  1. All sales orders must be paid in full within 10 business days of placing the order or those sales orders will be canceled.


  1. Paid sales orders must be shipped or picked up within 20 business days of placing the order or the sales order will be canceled and you will have credit on your account. “Move it or lose it”.


  1. No returns – No exceptions. Don’t buy what you don’t need.


  1. Wickman Chemical will accept prepay but prepay does not guarantee product nor price. When you know what you need, we will place the sales order, use your prepay account and prepare those products for shipment.


The aforementioned policies may seem draconian. These policies are designed to protect all of our customer’s interests. We don’t want to fuel panic buying or a shortage mentality. We don’t want to over promise and under deliver. Come to our grower meetings, plan ahead, be flexible and work with our sales people. We are working hard to provide economical alternatives to products that are in short supply.


Thank you for understanding,

Erich Wickman

By Dana McConnell Dec 3, 2021