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The Iowa store will be closed Saturdays and Sundays this year.  The Kansas store will be closed on Sundays and open on Saturdays by appointment only.

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By Dana McConnell Mar 25, 2022 no responses

Top Shot 2021 Third Round Scores

Round three scores are in! Posted scores are based on the number of targets broken out of 50 per individual. Annie Oakley winners are based on elimination or “knock out” involving 4 or more shooters.

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Top Shot 2021 Raises $6,808.00 for local charity

The final round of Top Shot 2021 is over and the scores have been tabulated. Winners of the team and individual events shot in all 3 rounds to qualify. Composite scores for individuals are based on the number of clay pigeons hit out of 150. Composite scores for 4 person teams are the total number of targets hit out of 600.

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