/ Liquidation Products

Wickman Chemical is offering the following products at liquidation prices. Please contact either office for more information.


Liquidation Products

ProductPackage SizePriceAtlantic, IowaOxford, KS
Airlink (Compare to Interlock)2x2.5$33.00/Gal1,435 Gallons 607.5 Gallons
Curio (Compare to Classic)8x5oz$6.00/oz915 oz885 oz
Flu-Rimuron (Compare to Valor XLT)4x5#$37.00/#NA1,545#
Flumioxazin 51% (Compare to Valor SX)4x5#$35.00/#NA1,895#
Glufosinate (Compare to Liberty)2x2.5$32.50/Gal4,000+ Gallons3,285 Gallons
Meso Star (Compare to Callisto)4x1$95.00/Gal55 Gallons43 Gallons
Metsulfuron (Compare to Ally XP)8x8oz$3.00/oz688 oz6,944 oz
Zidua Pro2x2.5$373.00/Gal20 GallonsNA